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søndag 12. desember 2010

Look at that game/sladretrening and Whiplash turn / snu. Trening med Jack

Just arrived home from the shoppingmall. Jack was waiting in the car while I did shopping for my daughter Helenas birthdayparty.
When I was done shopping it was time to go for a short walk and do som training.
We started walking in front of the mall. A dog was tied up outside the main entrance. Perfect for me, since he was a very polite helper-dog. Jack and I had a few minutes of the "look at that game" / "sladretrening" before we kept walking. Jack did great. In spite of no training the last week, and not having seen any other dogs - he did his job.

As we walked around the shopping centre we did som heeling, turning, sidways-moves etc. combined with the "give me a break" game. We had fun, and we kept warm (its cold outside...). As Jack is a high spirited dog - we also needed som breakes with sit and breath training :-)

As we came back to the front of the shopping centre we went to check if the dog was still there. And he was, the poor guy - must have been cold. Well, we did som more training. This time not only the "look at that game" / "sladretrening" but also som Whiplash turn/snutrening. Jack did so good! We where quite close to the other dog, and Jack couldn't care less. He just enjoyed training :-)

Pleased with ourselves Jack and I went back to the car. But not so happy for the helper dog. I sure hope somone showed up soon. It's to cold sitting still - and its never a good idea to leave a dog alone outside a shopping mall. In Norway its even illegal.


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